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Chickens and Children

I have to say chicken portraits are so much fun! Oops I mean family portraits. This was a photo shoot with lots of giggles. The delightful Taylor family and their feathered friends. What a wonderful childhood in this Denmark backyard with chickens, a tree cubby, fruit trees and across the way grassy paddocks and rolling hills….

Smith Family

Candid and colourful, that’s the Smith family! A cheery photo shoot with this lovely family on their Kojonup property. There was a bit of a breeze so a kite came in handy and provided some fun pics too.  

Backyard Adventures

When you are a 4 year old boy and you live on a farm, exploring your own backyard can be quite an adventure. Long grass, hidden forests, swamps, monsters everywhere and so many stick swords. Oh and your crazy dog to play hide and seek with.  

Magpie Conversations

I was distracted yesterday by the canoodling that was happening outside my back door. Our puppy Bo and our pet magpie George just love each others company. I am finding it hard to capture their playful discussions because as soon as I crack open a door or a window the moment is gone and my…